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All yoga instructors of the studio are experienced practitioners of Kriya Yoga, the branch of yoga that studies the human nature and the hidden opportunities within. The basic knowledge has been acquired from Lilleoru Self Awareness Training Centre, the official Kriya Yoga centre in Estonia. This base enables to perceive the world through deep yogic prism, which is the thin red line linking all the courses and classes in the studio.

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DVD: Five Tibetan Exercises

10 minutes that will restore your health and vitality

Five Tibetan Exercises DVD is the first in a new series,
Lilleoru DVD whose purpose is to mediate the expert knowledge
on techniques of different teachings and traditions with a single
essence: the conscious growth of a human being.
Five Tibetans are five simple exercises that known from From
Peter Kelder’s “Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth”. These
exercises rejuvenate the whole body and can be practiced by
almost anyone. What is the key to the “fountain of youth”?
The exercises stimulate your entire body: blood and lymph
circulation, the nervous, pulmonary and digestive system, and
the muscles, providing the joints with a required load. If you are
stressed or tired, or you feel that the speed of life is too fast,
these exercises will help you rediscover a new freshness.

With just ten minutes, you will soon discover that you manage to get more things done and enjoy your day so much more.

  • Anne-Ly Naukas, a teacher of kriya hatha yoga, demonstrates the exercises and provides many additional tips.
  • Babaji kriya yoga acharya Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda describes the benefits and effects of Five Tibetans in his short introduction to the DVD.

Extras on DVD:

  • Thoughts and feelings are closely connected to breathing: once you balance your breathing, emotions too will fade and thoughts become calm. Matreyka pranayama is a simple technique for mastering your breathing.
  • Love and respect yourself: this is easier said than done, so can you achieve it? Yoga technique, introduced by the Babaji kriya yoga acharya, Ingvar Villido, will help you get there. By resolving the tensions within yourself, you may discover that your relations with the people around you will also change.
    Change yourself – and the world around you will change.

DVD is available with English, Estonian and Russian cover and inlet. (Look closer by klicking the picture above.) The content of all DVD-s is in all three languages.
One can buy the DVD from 'Studio108' or bookstores.

Excerpts from the DVD:

Introduction: What are “the five Tibetans?” by Babaji Kriya Yoga acharya Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda.
Fifth exercise, kriya hatha yoga teacher Anne-Ly Naukas.