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Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum

All yoga instructors of the studio are experienced practitioners of Babaji's Kriya Yoga, the branch of yoga that studies the human nature and the hidden opportunities within. The basic knowledge has been acquired from Lilleoru Self Awareness Training Centre, the official Babaji's Kriya Yoga centre in Estonia. This base enables to perceive the world through deep yogic prism, which is the thin red line linking all the courses and classes in the studio. All our instructors have studied under guidance of Kriya Yoga acharya Ishwarananda (

Please click 'schedule' to see the list of the classes and workshops (mainly in Estonian) in different studios all over the Tallinn.
We can offer also private classes and extra yoga classes for bigger groups in English. The main venue would be Kadriorg (a beautiful green recreation area in Tallinn).
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Kriya Hatha Yoga retreat in South Crete Oct 25 - Nov 3, 2020.

You are warmly welcome to join our Kriya Hatha Yoga retreat in South Crete this November!

Retreet time: October 25 - November 3, 2020.
Place: Pitsidia, hotel Izabella Pansion
Kriya hatha Yoga instructors: Aale-Triinu Sonn, Anneli Hallik and Greta Kaupmees

Pitsidia is a traditional idyllic village located in South Crete, 30-minute walk from a true paradise beach and next to the mountains. Studio108's Kriya Hatha Yoga instructors Aale-Triinu Sonn, Greta Kaupmees and Anneli Hallik invite you to practice Kriya Hatha Yoga asanas, pranayamas and meditations, to rest, to enjoy good company and local culture in this picturesque yet breathtaking place. In our scedule, there are also visits to colorful mountain towns and legendary natural power places nearby. (Matala, Eg Zeus Cave, etc.).

In order to become part of our little travel group of Kriya Hatha Yoga practitioners, please contact us: For newcomers it would be best to know some the basic techniques of our Kriya Hatha Yoga before.














Daily schedule:

  • Kriya hatha yoga morning classes on the roof of the hotel;
  • Breakfast at the accommodation (we can consider participants' preferences);
  • Free time, which everyone can spend according to their preferences, whether on the beach, in nature, in a local village or in a nearby mountain town;
  • Group trips, offering stops in idyllic vibrant mountain towns, hiking in nature, meditating and yoga in natural power places and caves;
  • Kriya hatha yoga and satsang in the early afternoon, mostly at the accommodation;
  • Dinner and leisure at the local village or at the accommodation;

Take with:
Comfortable exercise clothing and your own yoga mat. Suitable hiking boots and thin sunscreen headwear, beachwear, mosquito repellents and a torch can be helpful. :)

Participation fee - 495 € includes:
- Kriya Hatha Yoga classes, meditations and satsangs 2-3x a day (total ca 25h);
- Accommodation in 2 rooms in a cosy little hotel, Izabella Pension;
- All breakfasts (we prepare ourselves and thus take into account the preferences of all participants);
- A celebrating dinner from the hotel owner to our whole group;
- Our own transport to the various sites on the island of Crete;
- Advice and assistance from our tour operator and guide Greta both on flight tickets and/or other arrival issues as well as on-site operational assistance.

In addition please consider:
Flight tickets and airport transfer to and from the airport are at your own expense (if you have any questions, Greta is ready to help you arrange).
All of the lunches and also 6 dinners according to your preference (you can also visit the shop and have a picnic at the beach or cook in the kitchenette of your hotel room, but there are also many local small and nice eateries).
Some attractions also have symbolic entrance tickets about 1€ or so.
We also recommend that everyone take out travel insurance in person.









Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum
(Your travel operators and Kriya Hatha yoga instructors (from left: Aale-Triinu, Greta, Anneli)