Studio 108 instructors









The 1st founders and instructors of the studio – Aale-Triinu Sonn (right), Nandi Devar from Germany (left), Annika Nõmberg. Later 8 more instructors were joining the studio.


At the moment you are welcome to participate in Kriya Hatha Yoga classes held in two languages,  instructed by Aale-Triinu Sonn.

About the instructor:

Education and work experience

Estonian Academy of Arts (design); Tallinn College of Engineering (architecture); Estonian Academy of Arts (a master’s degree of architecture).
Has worked in the Botanical Garden of Tallinn and as a secretary in the Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia, has taken part of the “Kodu ja Aed” magazine as a co-author, has been active as a freelance designer and interior decorator, has instructed Kriya Hatha Yoga lessons.

“Inner” education
Has practiced different oriental disciplines – Sivananda Yoga, outer and inner (Michuan) style of Tai-Ji, the so called “Soft Yoga” brought to Europe by Gerard Blits, a yoga course instructed by Swami Prabhavananda Saraswati. Since the summer of 2003, she has practiced self development techniques of different schools guided by Ingvar Villido (Kriya Yoga, Hinduism, Dianetics, tradition of Native Americans etc.).
2004-2006 consecrations to the I, II and III levels of Kriya Yoga and a Kriya Hatha Yoga teacher’s course (teachers Durga Ahlund, Marshall Govindan Satchidananda, Ingvar Villido).
2006 the spiritual name – Anjani was given by Shri Munirajji Maharaj in India.

Teaching experience
Since autumn 2005, Kriya Hatha Yoga lessons (in Estonian and English) at NGO Lilleoru

Interests are ecological architecture and interior design, a healthy living environment, healthy food and way of life. A young daughter is in the family.

Of myself
"There are very, very many yoga styles nowadays, but only a few use the systematical involvement of awareness. In Kriya Yoga, awareness is the means and the goal. Due to that peculiarity, I have myself experienced that Kriya Yoga is incomparably more effective than other disciplines.

With the last years I have also learned from experience that the sentence “one’s life is one’s own creation” is no mere catch phrase. I am lucky to be able to share this wonderful knowledge and experiences with others."

Contact: phone +372 527 0569, anjani1008(at)