Traditional postpartum doula care focuses on nurturing, nourishing, honoring and celebrating the new mother. Our Postpartum Care sessions and rituals create a sacred space that brings healing warmth, relaxation, new awareness and deeper experience of self-acceptance to the mother. They facilitate healing and bring closure to the childbirth chapter of the woman’s motherhood story.

Birth Closure Ceremony

Childbirth is a significant Rite of Passage in one’s journey to motherhood. A Birth Closure Ceremony is a powerful postpartum healing ceremony that honors, nurtures, and supports the healing mother after birth.
Birth Closure Ceremonies incorporate a variety of physical, emotional and energetic healing modalities. They include a traditional ‘closing the bones’ ritual, and support a mother’s physical, emotional, and energetic healing that helps bring a sense of closure and peace, even years after she has given birth.

Whether a baby is born vaginally or by cesarean, if the labor was many hours, relatively fast, felt empowering or traumatic–there is a genuine need to recognize and honor the labor and birthing experience that a mother has undergone. This ceremony meets this unique and largely unmet need in our society.

This unique Birth Closure Ceremony utilizes an integrative approach, and therefore blends a unique combination of holistic healing techniques. This includes a ‘closing of the bones’ ritual, in which the postpartum mother is anointed, massaged, wrapped and ‘pulled together’ from head to toe in several cloths. This healing ritual is brought into combination with a variety of focused energetic clearing processes, a ritual herbal bath, somatic release techniques, energy work and guided healing meditations. Also warming and healing naturally sweet ayurvedic drink is offered. No two birth closure ceremonies are exactly alike, just as no two mothers or birth experiences are exactly alike.


How long the therapy lasts:
The therapy session lasts for 4,5-5 hours (includes also preparing talk with the therapist before the ritual and relaxing feedback afterwards)

Price: € 255 (includes also ingredients for ayurvedic recovery drink (spices, berries, etc), herbs for therapic bath, oils for massage, flowers for loving atmosphere)

Therapist: Aale-Triinu Sonn (doula, lactation consultantand and student of Tibetan Medicine)


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“Nothing but your own self, can bring peace. Sit, meditate, concentrate and be happy thinking of the Motherhood of God. True wisdom of life is to be always seasonal, which is to change with good grace in changing circumstances.”
Kriya Babaji