I am happy that You have landed on our little webpage! And congratulations on expecting! 🙂

My name is Aale-Triinu and I am the professional doula and Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator, supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I have been working regularly as pregnancy yoga teacher since 2006 and instructing mom & baby yoga classes as well.
The area of the support is Tallinn and around.

I’m most happy to be your humble guide through whole the special and memorable journey of becoming a parent in Estonia. And wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy!

On the photo (up): Aale-Triinu with her 3rd child (Sept. 2019)
About Doula’s support

What is a doula?
Like travel guides in a foreign country, birth and postpartum doulas help support new families through the life changing experience of having a baby!
Whether it’s a family’s first baby or their tenth, a doula can help make the birth and postpartum experience better.

Today, a doula is defined as set follows:
doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.
The Association of Estonian Birth Supporters: www.doula.ee

Sessions with the client
are good to get to know each other and build trust. We can meet either in my yoga classes for expectant women or one-to-one at studio, your home or any place where would you like. We can work on your birth plan in both English and Estonian. You can ask whatever interests you or is still unclear, and I’m there to help you find all the answers. 🙂

Prenatal Visit
Informative and Hands On
Between 34-38 weeks I will offer you at least one or better two or even more important meetings at your home. During these meetings, I will work with you and your partner to collaborate on your vision for your birth. We will practically go through different birth positions and breathing methods that can offer the great release and necessery empowerment during the delivery. We will also discuss your feelings about pain medication, interventions, and practice the various comfort measures that we will utilize during your birth. At this time we will talk about when you want me to join you during your labor and what you can do during early labor with your partner to stay comfortable. These meetings would last about 1,5 hours, and at least one of them would preferably include both partners.

An important prenatal session to book – Spinning Babies® Parent Class
Not your usual childbirth class! Have look with 2-minute intro to Parent Class here and to Daily Essencial trailer here.
As a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator (SpBCPE) I would guide you through the magic of childbirth during quite a special type of a parent class that you cannot find anywhere else. Spinning Babies® Parent Class introduces parents to the basic Spinning Babies® techniques for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth. This three-hour class adds confidence and skills for the birth partner and reassurance for the birthing person.
Attendance fee: 150€.
After the class, if this physiotherapeutic bodywork practiced daily, an easier labor and birth are likely. Expectant parents will better understand how their baby can find optimal positions for labor and how to help the baby in this process, and also make birth less painful— even pleasurable! Read more here.

Baby Day Birth Support
Continuous Care
When it comes time for your labor and birth, I am with you continuously. This is the day that you have been preparing for and have been envisioning! Together we will work through your labor, coping techniques, positioning, massage, use of the bathtub and shower. When it comes to pushing, I am right by your side, supporting you through each and every push. And once the baby is here, I will help to facilitate the “Golden Hour”, the incredible bonding through skin to skin and establish breastfeeding.
Also I will visit you the very next day or day after that to be sure that you are feeling comfortable, held and also well informed in either a birth hospital or your home. I’m there also for your baby helping with breastfeeding.

Postpartum Visits and Support
Establishing Your New Normal
Post-partum is a time that is often overlooked when planning for birth. But this time is one that can be joyous and equally stressful. This visits typically takes place in your home between 1-6 weeks after birth and lasts around 1-2 hours. During post-partum visits we may take time to look back at the birth. What are the memories of that day that you cherish? What surprised you? Is there anything that didn’t go how you’d hoped? All of these pieces that we must process in order to help cement the birth story that we will remember forever. This visit is a time to honor your story in whatever way feels most comfortable to you.
In addition, if you’d like, I will cook you an ayurvedic recovery tea from several organic components. And as a lactation consultant with a UNICEF diploma I’m happy to support your breastfeeding. I can also work as a personal trainer for your pelvic floor and core muscles and help you recover from diastasis recti.
Additional special postpartum care is available in form of massaages or else.

On the photo (up): Aale-Triinu with her 2nd child and 1st son, 2014.

Individual Doula services and prices

Preparation and prenatal

Appointments: 1h/45€
Video calls: (Skype, Zoom, Messinger): 1h/30€
Spinning Babies® Parent Class: 3,5h/150€
Payable by invoice and also by Stebby credit.

  • Getting to know eachother. 🙂 I’ll be listening your visions, wishes and questions and will give answers, explanations, advices etc (usually lasts about 40-60 minutes);
  • Personal yoga class / an individual program for regular balanced training;
  • Helping to think through everything about becoming a mom (and dad) and about the labor;
  • Introduction into Spinning Babies® protocols for releasing the muscular tentions and preparing for the physiological birth;
  • Practicing birth positions and breathing techniques;
  • Discussing the role of the father during labour;
  • Nutrition counselling;
  • Emotional support;
  • Being an interpreter on the field of pregnancy and labour;
  • Forming the draft of your birth plan (a document for medical personnel);
  • Hospital bag checklist;
  • The checklist about what would you need for your baby during first months. (Medical and other supplies, clothes, etc for a newborn)
  • Answering all the other questions that may come up before the due date;
  • etc.

Time and place upon agreement.
Also possible via internet/video call.


Baby Day Birth Support

Continuous support around the clock!

Price: 580 €
300 € prepaid latest on the 38th week and the rest after the baby’s birth or depending on our agreement.
Payable by invoice. Also Stebby credit is accepted.

The Baby Day Birth Support includes:

  • Helping to recognize already the very 1st signs of the labor and answering the questions that may come up;
  • Doula’s readyness and dedication around the clock;
  • Emotional support;
  • Guidance though supportive and comfortable positions, breathing, aroma therapy, massage, etc;
  • Making herbal tea or taking care of the snacks;
  • Practical support and help with moving to the hospital;
  • Both practical and emotional support during the labor and up to 2h after the birth;
  • Breastfeeding support after the birth;
  • One free postpartum vist during the very next days (can be on any of these topics seen just below up to 2 hours)
  • Free shorter consultings via sms and phone calls during 2 weeks.

During early stages of the labor, the support is offered either via messages and/or phone calls or directly
at client’s home, if there is a need for that.

During midstage of the labor, the support is offered mostly at client’s home, and also on the way to hospital (in the car).

During mid- or late stages of the labor the support is continues either at client’s home together with the midwife –  If the family chooses the home birth, or at the birth hospital.

One postpartum visit takes place at any place the fresh mom/dad will choose to, usually still at their home.

NB! It is also possible to have partial support per hour. E.g. if you would like to stay peacefully at home till the right time to go to hospidal, I’m gladly offering this support for you as many hours you need. In adition to these hours just 2 hours will be added for the proffessional readyness and absolute priority around the clock, answering phone calls and messages any time around the clock.
Alternatively the whole birth support is also possible via internet/video/phone call. You’ll still find it deeply helpful to have your doula on the phone, breathing with you, also guiding you to breath with the sound that helps to open the pelvis and relax the muscles of the birth channel, etc. In case the whole Baby Day Birth Support is taking place via phone calls, the whole price would be 480€.


Postpartum Visits and Support

Appointments: 1h/45€ (the price is depending on the type of the session and can be also less or more)
Video calls (Skype, Zoom, Messinger): 1h/30€.
Payable by invoice. Also Stebby credit is accepted.

  • Lactation consultation;
  • Helping in practical matters with the baby;
  • Supporting in both, physical and emotional recovery;
  • Understanding, releasing and healing the emotions about birth;
  • Manual therapy and kinesiotaping in case of a diastasis recti;
  • Establishing the personal training program;
  • Ayurvedic postpartum hot drink for better recovery and digestion;
  • Bengkung waste wrapping i.e. belly binding (look at the picture below) – great physical support for the lower body after delivery, helps to realign as the bones so the internal organs, indicated with diastasis recti, weak back and/or pelvic floor;
  • Therapeutic vaginal steam spa at home – is a healing herbal ritual for lower body and vagina, extra indicated in case of hemorrhoids;
  • Hor-me therapy – originating from Tibetan Medicine system and indicated in case of post-delivery as a gently warming, balancing and restorative practice for body and mind. Helpful in case of baby-blues.
  • Birth Closure Ceremony – full day healing ritual with much beauty, spa-like tratments and “closing the bones” physiowork.

The visit on the next day takes place usually in the hospital or at client’s home. Also possible via videocall. Other postpartum visits at home or whereever the fresh mom prefers. Usually 1,5-2 h at a time. Birth Closure Ceremony lasts about 5h.

Photos of bengkung belly wrapping:

Get in touch

Contact doula Aale-Triinu: anjani1008@gmail.com

About your Doula - Aale-Triinu

Doula Aale-Triinu Sonn about herself:

“As a Kriya Hatha Yoga instructor I started to give yoga glasses for expectant women in 2006. Through these regular classes and seminars I have offered preparation for natural birth for about 1000 pregnant persons.

After the birth of my second child in 2014 I started with my mom & baby classes. During 2017-2018, after the birth of my third child, I studied to become professional birth doula and lactation consultant in Estonia, in Põlisrahva Tarkuste Kool. Since 2017 I have supported 50 and more women directly in their childbirth. Births I have assisted as a doula, have taken place both in hospitals and homes. I have aided several natural and painless births, including water births and also c-sections (including planned ones) as well. Since Aprill 2023 I become also Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator.

It is my heart wish to support families in the process of conscious birth and it’s my passion to make women feel like poweful goddesses during giving birth. For years already I have encouraged families to use mindfulness also at the time of giving birth and found this as magically efective as much as the physiotherapy and body work, too.

From all of my heart I’m happily supporting the magic process of becoming a parent.

Photo: Aale-Triinu expecting her 3rd child,2016.

Photo: Aale-Triinu expecting her 3rd child, 2016


  • 2023 March – 2024 spring Tibetan Medicine therapist training, (Sowa Rigpa – Root tantra, Nejang medical yoga, herbs, massages and therapies, incl HoMe therapy – therapic head massage with warm sesame oil and spices for postpartum time). Teacher: Anu Rootalu-Wachsmann.
  • 2023 April Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator (SpBCPE) 4-day full training (Instructors: Jennifer Walker, Joyce Hoek-Pula, Marlies Phielix (Netherlands). Spinning Babies® is created by midwives and physiotherapists for parents to help them start using techniques for comfort in pregnancy and smoother progress in childbirth. During birth, babies descend through the pelvis by turning to fit each curve in the passage. Baby’s turns are “fetal rotation.” If fetal rotation can be made easier, birth is easier for everyone.
    Spinning Babies® offers effective physiotherapic solutions in case of stagnation at the birth – Spinning Babies® Three Levels Solutions℠.  Read more from
    Spinning Babies® homepage here: https://www.spinningbabies.com .
  • 2022 Aug Mexican midwife Naoli Vinaver (Art of Birth) cources: “Mexican Postpartum and Temazcal Ceremony” and “Art of Birth with Mexican rebozo”.
  • 2020 Feb 2-Day Spinning Babies® Workshop (Teacher: Jennifer Walker. Spinning Babies® reduces unnecessary cesareans with a paradigm-shifting approach to physiological birth. Spinning Babies® goes beyond fetal positioning with our contribution to addressing all labor progress issues and resolves labor stalls with Spinning Babies® Three Levels Solutions℠).
  • 2019 March Postpartum Swaddling (Teacher: Natalie Sanna).
  • 2018 Oct Testing Diastasis Recti and establishing the individual training program and manual therapy of German midwife Angela Heller. (Teacher: Yola Garbers (Germany)).
  • 2018 Sept Postpartum treatments: herbal massage, physiological belly massage, Savasana massage, herbal steam home sauna, healing tea, Benkung wrapping (Teacher: Natalie Sanna).
  • 2017 Sept – 2018 June. Full Doula Programme – 450 hours (at Põlisrahva Tarkuste ja Rahvaravi Kool. Teachers: Karita Mikko, Ingrid Kaoküla, Elina Piirimäe, Ülle Lember, Küllike Lillestik, Riinu Verlin, Triin Värnik).
  • 2017 Oct – 2018 May. UNICEF’s Lactation Consultant – 40 hours. Teachers: Ülle Lember, Riinu Verlin.
  • 2017 Feb – April. 32-hour course of of Babies Massage. (Physiotherapist: Marika Must).
  • 2017 Feb. E-course of pelvic floor muscle. (Teachers: Katri Ristal ja Kaija Margumets (www.minaolenginaine.ee).
  • 2016 July-Aug. Birth School at Estonian Midwife Center (12h, teachers: Ingrid Kaoküla, Iren Laidma, www.ammaemanduskeskus.ee);
  • 2015 Nov-2016 Jan. Mom&Baby Yoga part 1 and part 2 (Teacher Natalie Sanna, Bliss Yoga Stuudio).
  • 2006 Example yoga classes for pregnant women (Teacher: midwife Ülle Lember; www.paikesetants.ee);
  • 2005 Course for Kriya Hatha Yoga Teachers. Yoga exercises for pregnancy.
More information you might be interested in

The regular yoga classes for pregnant persons are held mostly in Estonia, but can be guided in two languages and You are most welcome to join!

The regular mom & baby classes are held mostly in Estonia, but can be guided in two languages and You are most welcome to join!

Aale-Triinu’s doula-service page at the Association of Estonian Birth Supporters’ general webpage: doula.ee/doula/aale-triinu-sonn

You are welcome to our Facebook page: “Lapseootel ja lapsega emadele. Jooga- ja doulainfo” www.facebook.com/doula.aaletriinu .

Vaginal steaming – old time therapeutic procedure popular again!

In vaginal steaming — often described as a “facial” for the vagina — a woman sits over a bowl of steaming water infused with herbs. This procedure has been used in ancient medicine for centuries, but it has re-emerged in spas more recently over the last decade. Vaginal steaming has been used as a natural remedy for both psychological and physical balancing and cleansing the reproductive organs, including the uterus, cervix, and vagina. It is recommended specially with hemorroids and thus remarkably supportive after giving birth. But may have an effect of balancing womens menstrual cycles, too.

It also allegedly relieves:

hormone imbalances
digestive issues
generalized pain

However, it is important to know that in modern world is no true scientific evidence that vaginal steaming works on all the symptoms described above, still women describe great relief, deep rest and sense of recovery after the procedure.








How does it look like to have a homey steam spa for your vaginal health?

I bring everything you need for this procedure with me – different herbs, relaxing elements to make the procedure more meditative and the special handmade wooden seat, too.
You can prepare just a big towel and a blanket around you waste. Some candles and flowers may be cosy to have around you and silent relaxing music. I usually make also an ayrvedic drink to enjoy at the time of vaginal steaming.

  1. We’ll add about a cup of your chosen herbs to a basin of hot water.
  2. And let the herbs steep for at least a minute.
  3. You can remove your clothes from the waist down and wrap a towel around your waist and legs to prevent the steam from escaping.
  4. Sit directly over the basin. Some people prefer a special seat or so called throne for this (you can see one version of it at the picture :)).


Herbs often used alone or in combination include:

  • mugwort
  • wormwood
  • chamomile
  • calendula
  • basil
  • oregano

Postpartum Care & Birth Closure Ceremony

Traditional postpartum doula care focuses on nurturing, nourishing, honoring and celebrating the new mother. Our Postpartum Care sessions and rituals create a sacred space that brings healing warmth, relaxation, new awareness and deeper experience of self-acceptance to the mother. They facilitate healing and bring closure to the childbirth chapter of the woman’s motherhood story.

Birth Closure Ceremony

Childbirth is a significant Rite of Passage in one’s journey to motherhood. A Birth Closure Ceremony is a powerful postpartum healing ceremony that honors, nurtures, and supports the healing mother after birth.
Birth Closure Ceremonies incorporate a variety of physical, emotional and energetic healing modalities. They include a traditional ‘closing the bones’ ritual, and support a mother’s physical, emotional, and energetic healing that helps bring a sense of closure and peace, even years after she has given birth.

Whether a baby is born vaginally or by cesarean, if the labor was many hours, relatively fast, felt empowering or traumatic–there is a genuine need to recognize and honor the labor and birthing experience that a mother has undergone. This ceremony meets this unique and largely unmet need in our society.

This unique Birth Closure Ceremony utilizes an integrative approach, and therefore blends a unique combination of holistic healing techniques. This includes a ‘closing of the bones’ ritual, in which the postpartum mother is anointed, massaged, wrapped and ‘pulled together’ from head to toe in several cloths. This healing ritual is brought into combination with a variety of focused energetic clearing processes, a ritual herbal bath, somatic release techniques, energy work and guided healing meditations. Also warming and healing naturally sweet ayurvedic drink is offered. No two birth closure ceremonies are exactly alike, just as no two mothers or birth experiences are exactly alike.

Photos: Hanna Odras and personal photo archive
Contact doula Aale-Triinu: anjani1008@gmail.com

Let's meet!

Contact doula Aale-Triinu: anjani1008@gmail.com

“Nothing but your own self, can bring peace. Sit, meditate, concentrate and be happy thinking of the Motherhood of God. True wisdom of life is to be always seasonal, which is to change with good grace in changing circumstances.”
Kriya Babaji