Kriya Hatha Yoga individual classes

Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum

Instructor: Aale-Triinu Sonn (Kriya Hatha Yoga, Yoga therapy, Pregnancy yoga, Postpartum yoga programs, Mom&baby yoga, Doula sessions).
Price: Each individual training or session is 60€/1,5h, according to the invoice or Stebby voucher (former SportID).
Also 1h sessions are available with 45€.
Time: According to the agreement
According to the agreement – clients home or other choosen place / therapy rooms in Gaia School in Tallinn, Kadriorg.
Themes: Kriya Hatha Yoga, pranayamas, meditations, therapic exercises, different Sun Salutations, the Moon Salutation, health support and consultations, and also yoga for pregnancy and postpartum treatments (incl. diastasis recti treatment).


You are warmly welcome to contact and register to the class:
Aale-Triinu about herself:

Yoga came to say “hello” to me at 1st my early childhood. As a 2-years old girlI I had a luck to meet a woman in our Summer cottage who showed me different yoga positions playtfully and I just loved it!
As a 5 or 6 years old I saw a secret book with black and white photos of yoga asanas (In Soviet Union Yoga was actually forbidden) . At one page there was a Lotos position and I remember clarely the moment when I tried it on my body and it felt really “mine” –  so familiar, comforable and safe to stay for longer time. As a late teenager I decided to join yoga classes during High School time, but I did’nt find any class back then. It was the time when Soviet Union just broke up and quite a chaotic atmosphere was allover the Estonia. Instead of Yoga I found Tai Chi classes. 🙂 And some years later Sivananda Yoga. From the very 1st yoga class in my life I stayed like married with this practice. But looked constantly for better classes. Just physical yoga practice was simply not enough! I even took classes of old classical Tai Chi once more, to find this core essence, I was looking for – the real Teaching and Teacher! After my daughter was born, I I changed my yoga linage once more. And at this time of year 2002 I met my 1st Indian teacher aswell – Swami Chidanand Saraswati – through whom I got blessing of becoming fully aware, staying in a state beyond common sense mind for hours. I recognized the essence of YogaI was looking for! Only a year later I met my Estonian Teacher Ingvar Villido Ishwarananda and stayed to study under his guidance. I got 1st, 2nd and 3rd level initiations into Babaji’s Kriya Yoga and become also Kriya Hatha Yoga instructor.

As a Kriya Hatha Yoga instructor I started to give yoga glasses also for expectant women in 2006. Through these regular classes and seminars I have offered preparation for natural birth for about 1000 women. Some of their feedback (in Estonian) can be read here.

After the birth of my second child in 2014 I started with my mom & baby classes.
During 2017-2018, after the birth of my third child, I studied to become professional birth doula and lactation consultant in Estonia, in Põlisrahva Tarkuste Kool. Since 2018 I have supported more than 35 women directly in their childbirth (The feedback in Estonia here).
It is my heart wish to support families in the process of conscious birth and it’s my passion to make women feel like poweful goddesses during giving birth. 🙂

From all of my heart I’m happily supporting You with following sessions:
Kriya Hatha Yoga – old classical Yoga practice with lot of interesting possibilities.
Yoga therapy – by combining physiotherapy, therapeutic possibilities of Yoga and also healthy rich diet, it is possible to rise the quality of our life a lot.
Doula’s support – in many levels supporting the magic process of becoming mom/dad.
Postpartum recovery sessions – for moms and babies, that include also healing the diastasis recti and much more.



An important prenatal class to book – Spinning Babies® Parent Class

Not your usual childbirth class! Have look with 2-minute intro to Parent Class here and to Daily Essencial trailer here.

As a Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educator Aale-Triinu would guide you through the magic of childbirth during quite a special type of a parent class that you cannot find anywhere else. Spinning Babies® Parent Class introduces parents to the basic Spinning Babies® techniques for comfort in pregnancy and ease in birth. This three-hour class adds confidence and skills for the birth partner and reassurance for the birthing person.
Attendance fee: 150€.
After the class, if this physiotherapeutic bodywork practiced daily, an easier labor and birth are likely. Expectant parents will better understand how their baby can find optimal positions for labor and how to help the baby in this process, and also make birth less painful— even pleasurable! Read more here.

“Nothing but your own self, can bring peace. Sit, meditate, concentrate and be happy thinking of the Motherhood of God. True wisdom of life is to be always seasonal, which is to change with good grace in changing circumstances.”
Kriya Babaji