Kriya Hatha Yoga is a yoga style that emphasizes the awareness and enables practicing simultaneously on different levels: the physical, the energetic, the mental and the conscious level. Thus it creates a very effective and powerful yogic practice – the transforming energy of Kriya Hatha Yoga provides you with more skills, better concentration and clearer focus. With these tools you are well-equipped to face any challenges of the daily life and lead a strong healthy life, which is based on equanimity.

Kriya Hatha Yoga known as the first phase of a practitioner belongs to ancient linage of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga.

On the picture: Great Master of Kriya Yoga – Babaji Nagaraj with Annai.

In the very moment Studio 108 doesn’t have regular Kriya Hatha Yoga classes in English, but only in Estonian. Classes in Estonian are taking place according to our schedule. And can be guided simultaneously in two languages (EST/ENG).
Also possible to participate online plus via replay.

Individual training class for one person – 33€/30 min, 45€/h or 66€/1,5 h
A group of 2-6 people – 66€/h (or 95€/1,5 h)
A group of 7 – 30 people – 14 €/h each participants (or 15€/1,5 h per one person) or 420€ one class.
Payment on invoice.

We can gladly offer you Kriya Hatha Yoga or office yoga classes even right at your working place to keep your team energized and happy!

Please let us know by e-mailing  info(at)


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Kriya Hatha Yoga instructors in ‘Studio 108’

Aale-Triinu Sonn – Kriya Hatha Yoga, yoga for ecpectant women and postpartum yoga (in Estonian and in English)
Anneli Hallik – 
Kriya Hatha Yoga, therapic yoga exercises and Face Yoga (in Estonian and in English)
Jaak Kivimäe – Kriya Hatha Yoga, yoga nidra and meditations (in Estonian and Russian)
Greta Kaupmees – our travel operator and organizer of yoga camps all over the Estonia and else (in Estonian and in English)


“Nothing but your own self, can bring peace. Sit, meditate, concentrate and be happy thinking of the Motherhood of God. True wisdom of life is to be always seasonal, which is to change with good grace in changing circumstances.”
Kriya Babaji